Saturday, July 4, 2015

New Update 5th July, 2015

Hi all

Another update from Comparethemineral. A mix of specimens from Lake Boga, Victoria, and various mines in South Australia and Queensland.

You can find them here...

Here's what's included:
  • Azurite, Mt Cobalt, Queensland
  • Quartz on Azurite, Mt Cobalt, Queensland
  • Pyrite, Mt Elliot, Queensland
  • Brochantite, Blockade Mine, Queensland
  • Goethite on Quartz, Mt Elliot, Queensland
  • Brochantite, Mt Oxide, Queensland
  • Malachite and Azurite, Mt Oxide, Queensland
  • Cobaltoan Mansfieldite and Heterogenite, Mt Cobalt, Queensland
  • Malachite, Cuprite, Mutooroo, South Australia
  • Malachite after Azurite, Sir Dominic Mine, South Australia
  • Minyulite, St John's Quarry, Kapunda, South Australia
  • Sampleite, Lake Boga, Victoria
  • Meurigite-Na, Lake Boga, Victoria
  • Cyrilovite, Turquoise, Lake Boga, Victoria
  • Libethenite, Lake Boga, Victoria
  • Pseudomalachite, Lake Boga, Victoria
  • Natrodufrenite, Lake Boga, Victoria
  • Crandallite, Lake Boga, Victoria
  • Rockbridgeite, Lake Boga, Victoria
  • Variscite, Lake Boga, Victoria
  • Azurite, Lake Boga, Victoria
  • Chalcosiderite, Lake Boga, Victoria
  • Torbernite, Lake Boga, Victoria
  • Saleeite, Lake Boga, Victoria
  • Fluorapatite, Lake Boga, Victoria

Sunday, June 21, 2015

New update - Winter Solstice - 21st June!

Hi all

The 21st June is the shortest day of the year for us Southern Hemisphere folk. Here in Ballarat, we are expecting a top temperature of a balmy 9 degrees Centigrade!

Anyway, it might be a bit on the cool side, but there are some hot rocks in this latest update.

You can find them here...

Here's what's included:

  • Wulfenite, Old Yuma Mine, Arizona - ex Bill Henderson
  • Wulfenite, Adelila Mine, Atacama, Chile
  • Brochantite, California Mine, Atacama, Chile
  • Linarite and Brochantite, California Mine, Atacama, Chile
  • Cassiterite, Elsmore, New South Wales
  • Ruby, Minstral Mine, Harts Range, Northern Territory
  • Sapphire, Inverell, New South Wales
  • Azurite, Inkerman Mine, Cloncurry, Queensland
  • Chalcopyrite, Alone Hand Mine, Cloncurry, Queensland
  • Asbolane, Mt Oxide Mine, Queensland
  • Libethenite and Pseudomalachite, Hardway Mine, Queensland
  • Pyrolusite, Nero Mine, Cloncurry, Queensland
  • Antlerite, Mt Oxide Mine, Queensland
  • Wavellite, Turquoise and Leucophosphite, Mt Oxide Mine, Queensland
  • Libethenite, Mt Oxide Mine, Queensland
  • Malachite, Mt Cobalt, Queensland
  • Brochantite, Mt Oxide Mine, Queensland
  • Perroudite, Capitana Mine, Atacama, Chile
  • Bluelizardite, Blue Lizard Mine, Chocolate Drop, San Juan Co., Utah
  • Bobcookite, Blue Lizard Mine, Chocolate Drop, San Juan Co., Utah
  • Quartz, Trowutta, Tasmania
  • Quartz, Arkansas
  • Quartz, Tom's Mountain, Queensland
  • Pyrite, Renison, Tasmania
  • Quartz, Kara Mine, Hampshire, Tasmania
  • Calcite, Picton, New South Wales
  • Calcite, Kyogle, New South Wales
  • Calcite, Biggenden Mine, Queensland
  • Cactus Quartz, Boekenhoutshoek, South Africa
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